Whatsoever you do, do it so well that those
looking on will feel the task was reserved
especially for you, by God Himself.
Premier Electric Services, Inc.
1041 Old Farmington Road
Bishop, GA 30621
Mailing Address:
P.O Box 1013
Greensboro, GA 30642
Phone: (706) 338-1042
Fax: (706) 769-0975
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About Us

Since 2000, the licensed technicians at Premier Electric Services have been your best choice throughout the Lake Oconee, Georgia area Ė regardless of what type of electrical work you are looking to have done.

We have made it our mission to be your #1 Electrical Contractors, while establishing a company that is based on fairness, honesty, and integrity.

We have an impeccable reputation for total professionalism and stand behind each of our employees to be completely honest and ethical in all their customer interactions. After our 2002 expansion, we have since become the premier electricians in the area. With two licensed Class II (Master) Electricians on staff, your needs will always be met while staying on budget.

If you need assistance with rewiring your home or would like to have new outlets installed, we have the team to assist you on time and within budget. Don't hesitate to call us for a free quote on any of our services, as we are always happy to answer questions and stand firmly behind the quality of our work! It is our goal not to just meet the standard, but set the standards!
At Premier Electric Services, we have what it takes to make sure your home or office is wired properly with a minimal amount of inconvenience. Time is money! We donít want you to lose money if your property has no power. You donít need to spend thousands of dollars on an electrical contractor. We will have you up and running again in no time.

We can help you with: